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Purple Ceramic Stewing Mug 1Pc ~ Cooking

Purple Ceramic Stewing Mug 1pc 紫瓷电子炖盅 1pc

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Chinese medical science holds that slow stewing of tonic foods reinforces body fluid nourishes blood, strengthens physique, prevents diseases and thus prologs life. Traditional stewing in China is very particular, usually steaming the food in a tightly covered container, so that no nutrient can escape through evaporation. This stewpot meets the purpose by employing modern electronic techniques. Both the chain pot and the plastic case have a tight cover and in the pot there is a pad to hold food. Thus the food is surrounded by steam on all sides. As pressure in inner container is the same as that in the outer container, no Flavour escape. Water level is monitored by an electronic device. When the water decreases to the lowest level. Heating powder is cut. Food is now ready to serve. There is also a device to protect the food from being burnt because of overheat or extra current. The utensil is almost fool-proof. The case of this pot is made of high-quality engineering plastics commonly used for shields. It is heat resistant, anti-aging, electric insulating and almost unbreakable. The supporting stand of the pot is made of stainless steel. It has a handle for lifting out. This stewpot is convenience to use for preparing food for old and young. The appliance is useful at home and may be an ideal gift for friends.


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