Lotte Custard Cream Cake 12x23g ~ 樂天奶油派 12x23g
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Lotte Custard Cream Cake 12X23G ~ Confectionery

Lotte Custard Cream Cake 12x23g 樂天奶油派 12x23g

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s: Whole egg liquid(25%), Sugar (20%), wheat flour (18%), D-sorbitol syrup, shortening (palm kermel oil, palm sterin oil, fully hydrogenated palm stearin oil, refined rapeseed oil, glycerin esters of fatty acids, soy lecithin (E322: emulsifer), natural tocopherol), torte (soybean oil, d-sorbitol solution, glycerin esters of fatty acids,propylene glylcol estens of fatty acids(E477: emulsifer), ethanol sucrose estens of fatty acids (E473: emulsifer), mixed formulation), starch syrup, margarine (corn oil, rapeseed oil, water, sodium D-tartarate (E335: acidity regulartor), sodium citrate (E331: acidity regulartor, tocopherol), rice bran oil, sp-O (D-sorbitol solution, propylene glycol, sucrose estens of fatty acids (E473:emulsifer), sorbitan estens of fatty acids, alcohol, fructooligosaccharide), glycerin, maltose powder, trennwax (rapseed oil, palm oil, vegetable wax), processed whole milk powder (whey powder, butter fat, lactose, palm oil, milk cream, sodium caseinate, potassium phosphate, milk flavour), G white cream, (Lactose, palm oil, processed oil, vegetable oil, mixed milk powder, vanilla flavour, fresh cream flavour), yolk powder, fructose syrup, ethyl ahcohol, lactic acid, sodium lactate, maple syrup, salt, white wine, artifical flavour, palm extractnn


: Per 100g Energy: 1933KJ/ 462Kcal, Fat: 25g, Which Saturates: 13g, Carbohydrate: 53g, Sugar: 26g, Protein: 6g, Salt: 0.25g


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