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Master Kong Tomato Vegetable Flav Instant Noodle 505G ~  康師傅 番茄鮮蔬面

Master Kong Tomato Vegetable Flav Instant Noodle 505G 康師傅 番茄鮮蔬面

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Ingredients: Noodle: wheat flour, vegetable oil, starch, acetate, starch, salt, wheat gluten compound acidity regulation (E501,E500,E339,E450,E451,E452, Flavouring enhancer :E621, E635), compound thickener (soybean protein), corn starch ,E425,E415, E401, E466, compound color (E965, E101), antioxidant :E307. Seasoning pack: seasoning(Salt, corn, starch, aniseed cassia, fennel, myrcia), food additives: flavour, enhancer: E621, E635, E639, sweeter: E365 ,antioxidant: E307), artificial flavour (salt, glucose, yeast extract, spices (aniseed, cassia, fennel, myrcia), sugar, soy sauce powder (soy sauce, salt, sweeter: E635, sweeter: E965, flavour enahncer:E635, sweeter: E965, thickener: E415, antioxidant: E307, emulsifier: E473, antic king agent:E551), spices(aniseed cassia, fennel , myrcia), salt, sugar, food additives: flavour enhancer: E621, E635, sweeter: E965, colour: E150. Vegetable pack: Dehydrated cabbage, dehydrated tomato's, dehydrated cabbage, dehydrated green bean, dehydrated potato (potato, vegetable oil), dehydrated onions), seasoned eggs (egg powder, starch, sugar, sugar, corn oil, salt, E420, E339, E452, E160, E307), bean products. Oil package: refined palm oil, ginger seasoning oil (vegetable oil, ginger oil), sesame oil, food flavor, antioxidant E307.

Nutrient: Per 100g Serving: Energy: 1641kJ/392kcal, Fat 16.1g, Of which Saturates: 0g, Carbohydrate 54.7g, Sugar 0g, Protein 6.8g, Salt 1.825g.


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