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Ozeki Plum Liqueur Kanjuku Umeshu 720ml ~ 纪州完熟梅酒 720ml

Ozeki Plum Liqueur Kanjuku Umeshu 720ml 纪州完熟梅酒 720ml

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Ozeki standard plum liqueur. Ozeki Plum Liqueur Kanjuku Umeshu is produced with one of the highest grade Japanese plums Nanko-ume, which is slowly ripened on the tree. Kanjuku Umeshu is characterized by mellowness and richness. This is the standard type of mild umeshu that brings out the natural sweetness of the ingredients. The special attention to the ingredients ensures the maximum Flavour. The bottles of 700ml and 100ml Kanjuku-Umeshu contain whole plum fruit. We hope you enjoy KanjukuUmeshu together with plum fruit.


Water, Plum 26.4%, Fermented Alcohol, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose Alcohol Contents 14.5% by Volume.


Alcohol 14.5% by volume.




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