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Xian Feng Tomato With Beef Brisket Soup Noodle 589g ~ 鲜锋 浓汤番茄牛腩粉 589g

Xian Feng Tomato With Beef Brisket Soup Noodle 589g 鲜锋 浓汤番茄牛腩粉 589g

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Rice noodle pack: rice, drinking water. Meat pack: beef 90%, beef tallow, rapeseed oil, broad bean paste (wheat (bran) flour), chillies, Sichuan pepper, fermented soybeans, spices. Soup pack: beef bones, aged chicken, tomato paste, soya oil, sugar, onion, salt, ginger, seasoning (soya protein), flavour enhancer (E621, E635), L-Potassium lactate (E316), potassium acetate (E261). Peanut pack: peanuts, cooking oil, chillies, peppercorns, sesame pepper, cooking salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate. Preserved vegetable pack: preserved vegetable, edible salt, compound soy sauce flavouring powder (brewing soy sauce, acid hydrolysed vegetable protein flavouring liquid, maltodextrin, monosodium glutamate, edible salt, caramel colour), food additives (sodium glutamate, disodium presenting nucleotide, sodium D-isoascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, acesulfame, vitamin C, disodium EDTA). Fried peas pack: peas, vegetable oil, aromatic spices, table salt, edible flavouring and fragrance. Black agaric pack: drinking water, black agaric, ginger, onion, table salt, compound spices, lactic acid, white wine, potassium sorbate, sodium pyrophosphate, streptococcus lactis. Dried scallions pack: Dehydrated vegetables (scallions).


per 100g: Energy: 1216kJ/291kcal, Fat: 12.8g, of which saturates: 1.1g, Carbohydrate: 33.4g, of which sugar: 2.1g, Fibre: 0g, Protein: 10.0g, Salt: 2.40g.


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