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UK #1 Chinese Online Supermarket

Newcastle’s HIYOU is a genuine Chinese online supermarket with a huge range of grocery items for sale, here in the UK.  Here you can find all the best Chinese meals and ingredients for you to spice up your cooking, with products and brands from every different region you can imagine. With our Chinese supermarket online, we aim to make Chinese food culture more accessible for everyone with fast delivery in the UK.

As one of the leading Chinese supermarkets in the UK, we want to share the wealth of Chinese food culture with everyone. There are so many wonderful ingredients and diverse recipes that there will be something for everyone’s taste at our Chinese grocery store. Browse inspirational ingredients at our Chinese supermarket online or wander down the aisles for motivation at our Chinese supermarket in Newcastle. We aim to make sure that you can find everything as easily as possible, so Asian cooking is not a chore!

Chinese cooking is all about incorporating many different colours, flavours and textures into the dishes. Our Chinese grocery online stocks hundreds of products, from well-known brands to all the ingredients and products that you would find in a traditional Chinese grocery store to make your cooking experience as authentic as possible. Our Chinese supermarket in Newcastle is dedicated to bringing all of these wonderful ingredients directly to your home via our quick and easy online delivery service.

We aim to: 

  • Provide good quality and authentic Asian produce at affordable prices direct from our Chinese supermarket in Newcastle.
  • Make sure you can find everything you are looking for easily via our Chinese supermarket online.
  • Fine recipes and inspiration for your cooking journey right here at our Chinese grocery store.
  • Easy and hassle free Chinese supermarket UK delivery where we aim to deliver fresh products on time.
  • Offer excellent customer service from our friendly and helpful team who are knowledgeable about all products and services that our Chinese grocery online store offers.

We want to make sure that our Chinese supermarket UK is accessible and easy to use for everyone, whether you have moved here from China, travelled through China, or you want to find new and exciting recipes to tickle your tastebuds – there is something for everyone! Our online Chinese grocery store stocks only high-quality products so you know you are guaranteed premium ingredients at extremely good prices! Whether you are looking to cook a special meal, or you are trying to incorporate more diverse food into your diet - perhaps Chinese food is your staple!... you are sure to find everything you need here at HIYOU, Newcastle’s leading Asian grocery shop.