Sunflower Seed Mix | Chacheer Roasted Sunflower Seed Mix Large 308g
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Chacheer Roasted Sunflower Seed Mix Large 308G ~ Snacks

Chacheer Roasted Sunflower Seed Mix Large 308g 洽洽香瓜子 大 308g

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Qia Qia Roasted Sunflower Seed is a popular roasted snack in China. Storage Condition: Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool dry place. Remove the shell and ready to eat.


Sunflower Seed (94%), Salt, Spice, Sweetener




100g Per Serving: Energy 2505kj, Protein 27g, Fat 50.2g, Carbohydrate 16.5g, Sodium 618mg

Sunflower Seed Mix is one of the most popular snack products in China, indeed the people of China are the largest consumers of sunflower seeds in the world so it is hardly surprising to find roasted sunflower seed in a Chinese Online Supermarket such as ours.

Roasted Sunflower Seed has a deliciously subtle mild and nutty flavour. They have a very pleasant firm but tender texture quite unlike other nutty snack foods. The seeds are put through a roasting process to enhance that nutty flavour to make your roasted sunflower seed a perfect taste experience.

How to serve

Sunflowers have a hard black and white striped shell, also called a “hull” which needs to be removed before eating. No other preparation is necessary – just remove the shell and eat!

Sunflower seeds do not require refrigeration, but for best results and to preserve the subtle and  delicately nutty flavour Chacheer Roasted Sunflower Seed Mix should be stored in a cool dry place and kept out of direct sunlight.

Each 100g serving of Sunflower Seed Mix delivers 2505kj of energy. It is also a great source of protein, with 27g in every 100g serving. Sunflower Seed Mix also delivers 50.2g of fat and 16.5g of Carbohydrate per 100g. Sunflower seeds are naturally low in salt and 100g of Chacheer roasted sunflower seed mix contains a mere 0.618g of sodium.

Chacheer roasted sunflower seed mix is 94% sunflower seeds with a dash of salt, spice and sweetener.


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