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What are Chinese Crackers? What are Japanese Crackers?

Chinese crackers are one of the most famous and well-loved appetisers in Asian cuisine – delicious and crunchy prawn flavoured crisps that are deep fried to perfection! Buy Chinese & Japanese crackers made from high-quality ingredients. We supply a huge range of delicious Asian crackers with fast delivery throughout the UK right here at HiYou!

What are Chinese Crackers?

Chinese rice crackers, also known as prawn chips or shrimp chips, are a classic Chinese appetiser that are known around the world. They are a popular item for snacking on during Chinese New Year, and they are widely served alongside Chinese meals at restaurants and takeaways in Western countries. Chinese soup crackers are traditionally made from a mixture of prawns, tapioca flour and water. The mixture is then rolled out, steamed, sliced, and then dried to ensure all the moisture is gone to give Asian crackers the perfect crispiness.

The best thing about modern conveniences is that you don’t have to go to all this trouble to get the best Chinese crackers snacks around. Here at HiYou, you can purchase ready made Asian crackers for a convenient and tasty snack, or you have the option of DIY Chinese Crackers that you can deep fry yourself. Save time and hassle with our huge range of Chinese prawn crackers online now!

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What are Japanese Crackers?

While many of us are familiar with Chinese prawn crackers, not many people are aware of another tasty delicacy that is very similar in taste and texture. Japanese crackers are made from fried or baked dried mochi or rice cakes, which are seasoned before being packaged. These are unlike Chinese soup crackers as they tend to be more of a snack or for nibbles as you wait for your meal, rather than an accompaniment.

No matter if you are looking for Chinese rice crackers or Japanese crackers, here at HiYou we offer a wide range of Asian crackers for you to choose from. Browse our selection now and save time with our Chinese crackers snacks.

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