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3 Simple Steps to Take Your Asian Food Shops Online

There was a time when finding a well-stocked UK Asian supermarket demanded a serious commitment. You needed to be ready to travel and possess a great deal of local knowledge if you were going to find the foods you were looking for. Now, however, cooking Asian meals at home is becoming increasingly popular and as some shops move to satisfy the increased demand, the search is getting easier. Indeed, the rise of online shopping has given UK cooks better access to real Asian brands and authentic ingredients than has ever been possible in the past – Asian food shopping has never been easier or more accessible.

This ease of access that UK cooks now have to online Asian food shops has done a lot to enrich the culinary experience of British families from all across Britain, from Cornwall to Caithness and Cardiff to Cromer. A well-stocked, easy to access online Asian supermarket such as ours now offers the British cook such a vast variety of authentically Asian fresh, frozen and preserved produce that their kitchen can become more akin to Tokyo than Tyneside. To be honest, in this brave new world of home cooked and online sourced Asian cuisine, the real difficulty you will face is trying to work out exactly what dishes to cook next!

There is no need to over-complicate things though. When you first encounter the vast range of Asian ingredients that we can offer, it is tempting to go a little wild. But as a leading supplier of Asian ingredients, we give you our full permission to completely disregard the television chefs who keep insisting that you are not really making properly authentic Asian meals, unless you have made every sauce and paste from scratch. There was a time, before the rise of the online Asian food shop, when doing so might have been necessary, but now you can shop for authentic Asian brands online you simply do not need to.

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Understanding and accepting this – giving yourself permission to use store bought ingredients is the first step in taking your Asian food shops online. After all, you might make your own mayonnaise for a special occasion, but for most of the time you get it out of a jar, and only the keenest home cooks have ever made their own tomato ketchup. It really is fine if you buy your spice blends and curry pastes from a shop. If you are in pursuit of authenticity when you shop at our online Asian food shop you have access to exactly the same brands and products that your home cooking counterparts in Asia would be buying. What could be more authentic than that?

Because you can shop from the comfort of your own kitchen, you can spend some time exploring the Asian ingredients and products that are on offer. It is worth investing this time because you have so much more choice when you come to an online Asian food shop than you would have at a mainstream supermarket. Not so long ago, for example here in the UK your choice of rice was generally limited to choosing between short or long grain – with an addition of Basmati if you were shopping in a particularly sophisticated place.

Now, however, as British cooks are exploring the possibilities that UK Asian supermarkets online have brought along, they are beginning to understand just how much rice matters. This is the second step you need to take. The majority of Asian rice dishes call for a particular variety of rice if they are going to work properly. You have no need to worry, however - whatever type of rice you have need of, whether that is glutinous, sticky, wild or good old familiar Basmati we will have it!

You should be equally careful when shopping for your noodles tool. In Asian cuisine rice really is never ‘just rice’ and in the same way noodles are never simply ‘just noodles’. Egg noodles are a very different product than the more delicate rice noodles, and in turn rice noodles are not like the more robust Ramen noodles, while Ramen is a completely different product to Udon noodles. And on and on and on.

Just as the rice is the core and foundation of every rice dish, noodles are the core and foundation of every noodle dish. They are the focus of the meal and every different type of noodle and every different type of rice will deliver a different texture or flavour to your dish. If you get the rice or noodles wrong, you can destroy the dish’s delicate flavour/texture balance, along with your enjoyment of the meal. It really is fortunate that UK Asian supermarkets now make it so easy for UK cooks to get hold of the appropriate varieties.

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The third step is to explore your online Asian food shop to find all of the other key staple products that your store cupboard needs. From herbs and spices to beverages such as Soju. Rice wines (because sherry simply is no substitute, trust us), curry pastes, culinary sauces such as fish sauce and soy sauces, and everything else you need to be properly prepared to explore Asian cooking.

Stocking up on the staples is what will finally make you a real Asian home cook, and it is the final step to understanding the benefits of taking your Asian food shops online. With a well-stocked store cupboard in your kitchen, loaded with sauces and noodles and rice and pastes and spices you give yourself the ability to cook spontaneously and since most of these products boast good long shelf lives you can afford to keep them in without worrying about waste.

So bring some Asian flavour to your midweek meals! When you have taken your Asian food shops online you can always be ready to make some sushi, or knock up a Thai Green Curry, or a really good noodle soup whenever the desire takes you because you will always be able to reach into the pantry and just grab what you need.

So come and explore the immense culinary diversity of Asian food online and discover a whole new world of flavour, textures and aromas that is just waiting for you to enjoy. Asian cuisine is full of food that is satisfying, healthy and quick to prepare, making it perfect for the modern Western “experience rich, time poor” lifestyle . All you have to do is point your browser at our online Asian food shop and click.