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Soju is a clear, low-alcohol spirit that is the most popular liquor in Korea, and for good reason! It is one of the best-selling liquors in the world, and many people will end their meal by taking a shot of Soju drink in celebration. We stock a wide variety of Korean Soju alcohol & drinks for sale in the UK. Buy 100% original & authentic Soju low-alcoholic distilled beverage at low prices! 

What is Soju?

You are missing out if you have never experienced Korean Soju! Traditionally intended to accompany food and regarded as a communal drink, this low alcohol spirit has been distilled on Korea for hundreds of years. Made from rice and other grains, the Soju drink has a sweet, milky flavour that masks the alcohol flavour and makes drinking it easy.

Where to buy Soju?

If you are looking to buy Soju in the UK, then look no further than HiYou! We stock a huge range of Korean Soju in many different flavours for you to try. Whether you are looking for the perfect celebration drink, or you are looking to impress friends and family with new and unusual flavour, browse our Soju UK range now! From green tea flavour right through to blueberry, there is something to suit everyone.