What Is The Purpose Of Online Chinese Supermarket?
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What Is The Purpose Of Online Chinese Supermarket?

What To Buy At An Online Chinese Supermarket


If you’re someone who loves experimenting with unique Asian ingredients and seasoning, you might have wondered where you can find such products in the UK. The standard British supermarkets are very limited in their selection of oriental and ethnic products, making it challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for.


You may be fortunate to find one or two independents Asian supermarkets in your nearest city, but that isn’t always an option for everyone. You may live in a rural area or have no available transport to get to the city, so what do you do now? Luckily, there is a very simple way to shop for these special ingredients in the UK.

Try A Chinese Online Supermarket

At HIYOU, our mission is to provide consumers with some of Asia’s favourite products and flavours. We wanted to make these products easily accessible to anyone who wants to encounter the wonderful flavours Asia has to offer, saving you time and stress trying to find a suitable supermarket.


You can shop easily without leaving your home or getting caught up with the busy crowds at peak times. You also have various delivery times to choose from, giving you complete control of when and where we will deliver your shopping.


We’re extremely proud of sharing our food culture at affordable prices and making it easy for people to find. We want to share with you the type of products you can expect to buy from our online Chinese supermarket.'

online Chinese supermarket

What To Buy Online At HIYOU

Our online shop is packed with everything you need to cook up an oriental storm.

Rice And Noodles

Whether you’re cooking stir fry or planning a rice dish, we have all the varieties you need to help you make authentic Asian dishes:



  • Speciality Rice
  • Thai Jasmine
  • Sushi
  • Mixed Grain
  • Glutinous
  • Basmati



  • Speciality Noodle
  • Udon
  • Soba
  • Shirataki Konnyaku
  • Rice Bean Thread
  • Ramen
  • Egg


Instant Food

  • Udon Noodles
  • Rice
  • Rice Bean Thread Noodles
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Ready Meals
  • Porridge
  • Macaroni

Asian food cupboards

Food Cupboard Essentials

You can find many sauces, seasonings and other foods in Asian food cupboards. You can bring these beautiful products straight to your own kitchen:



  • Soy Sauce
  • Miso Paste
  • Marinades
  • Dressings
  • Curry Sauce
  • Cooking Paste
  • Condiments


Dry Seasoning

  • Whole Herbs & Spices
  • Ready Mixed Seasoning
  • Ground Herbs & Spices
  • Flavouring & Essence


Dry Food

  • Tofu & Beancurd
  • Seaweed
  • Rice Cakes & Rice Paper
  • Nuts, Seeds & Grains
  • Dried Meat & Seafood
  • Dried Fruit & Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Bean & Corn


Preserve & Pickle

  • Speciality Preserve
  • Vegetable Preserve
  • Meat & Seafood Preserve
  • Fruit Preserve
  • Fermented Beancurd


Soup & Stock

  • Stock & Broth
  • Instant Soup
  • Hot Pot Soup Base
  • Herbal Tonic Soup


Vinegar & Oil

  • Vinegar
  • Seasoning Oil
  • Cooking Oil
  • Cooking Wine & Mirin



  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Dairy
  • Coconut Milk
  • Baking & Cooking Agent


Tinned Food

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Fruit
  • Fish
  • Miscellaneous



  • Porridge, Congee & Dairy
  • Dessert Mixes
  • Dessert Accompaniment

Snack & Confectionery

If you’re looking to grab something quick and on-the-go to nibble on, we’ve got various treats for you to enjoy:



  • Wafer Snacks
  • Sweets
  • Mochi
  • Jelly
  • Chocolate
  • Chewing Gum
  • Cakes



  • Tofu Snacks
  • Seaweed
  • Seafood Snacks
  • Nuts, Seeds & Grains
  • Meat Snacks
  • Fruit & Veg Snacks
  • Crisps
  • Crackers
  • Biscuits


Whether you need a caffeine boost, alcohol for a party or soft drinks, you’re sure to find something special in our Asian beverage selection:


Soft Drinks

  • Tea
  • Soya Bean
  • Milk
  • Herbal Drinks
  • Fruit Drinks
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Aloe Vera
  • Water



  • Wine
  • Soju
  • Sake
  • Liquor
  • Cider
  • Beer



  • Tea Bags
  • Powder
  • Instant Tea
  • Instant Soya bean
  • Instant Coffee


Loose Leaf Tea

  • Matcha Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Other Tea

Fresh Foods

We’re proud to provide you with the freshest ingredients when you shop with us online. You can choose from a variety of:

  • Desserts
  • Kimchi
  • Bean Curd & Tofu
  • Chinese Bun
  • Noodles
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Meat

Frozen Foods

Stocking up on frozen food is a great way to reduce food waste and use only what you need. We offer a wide range of:

  • Desserts
  • Sushi Ingredients
  • Seafood
  • Ready Meals
  • Noodles
  • Beancurd
  • Dumplings, Wontons & Spring Roll Wrappers
  • Dim Sum
  • Bao Bun
  • Hot Pot & Soup
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Meat

Household Products

As well as food, we also offer numerous household products. Whether you’re due a spring clean or need some new pots and pans, we have an excellent selection for you:



  • Teaware
  • Plates
  • Cutlery
  • Chopsticks
  • Bowls
  • Disposable
  • Other



  • Steaming
  • Pots & Pans
  • Electrical


Kitchen Essentials

  • Utensils
  • Cooking Knives
  • Food Prep
  • Food Packaging



  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Cleaning Equipment



  • Western
  • Oriental

Benefits Of Our Online Chinese Supermarket

There are many great benefits to shopping with us at our HIYOU online supermarket.

Clear Pricing

When viewing our products online, you can clearly see what the prices are and any deals that we have at the time. This saves you time and effort compared to looking for price labels in a supermarket, and you’ll be able to keep track of how much you’re spending with the total amount calculated in your basket.

Quiet Shopping

Shopping online means you don’t have to worry about crowds of people at busy times. You can shop quietly in the comfort of your home and take your time, knowing you won’t have to queue at the checkouts. Also, you won’t have to deal with parking and trying to find a space before you’ve even started shopping. All you have to do is simply log into your HIYOU account from your phone or computer and shop in peace.

Fresh Produce

We take care to offer you the freshest food possible when you shop with us online. Keeping food waste down is important, so we ensure that your meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetable products have the best dates, providing you with fresh groceries every time.

Shop At Your Convenience

After you’ve had a browse through our shop and chosen the products you want to buy, you can select a time slot to have your products delivered. We know that life gets busy and there are a million things that need doing in a day, which is why you can choose a slot that fits your lifestyle so you never miss a delivery.

24/7 Shopping

Because you can shop with us online, you can order your groceries at any time of the day or night. Whether you work night shifts or are busy during the day, you can log in 24/7 whenever you want and not have to worry about opening times.



We want you to enjoy oriental cooking rather than struggle with finding the right ingredients. As Newcastle’s leading Chinese online supermarket, we provide you with the best quality products, efficient delivery slots and a simple shopping experience. You can enjoy our whole range of Asian groceries without making a long trip, and we will ensure that your online shop is full of fresh produce and new dishes to try.


Take a browse around our website to explore what we have to offer and create an account to shop with us. If you’re local to Newcastle and fancied a change of scenery, why not visit our supermarket in person. You will experience great customer service from our friendly staff, and our in-store restaurant and bakery has plenty of mouth-watering oriental cuisine on offer for you to try.