Taste of Japan: Exploring Delights at our Japanese Food Store
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Taste of Japan: Exploring Delights at our Japanese Food Store

Japanese food is venerated world wide for being both super-healthy and utterly delicious. It is a food culture that is synonymous with seafood – sushi is almost always the first thing that most westerners think of when they think about Japan. Of course a common error that Western diners often make is to think that “Sushi” is “raw fish”, in fact “Sushi” refers to a particular style of rice, the “raw fish” is in fact called “sashimi” – and the level of quality and care that is required to slice this delicacy correctly lifts it far above the descriptor “raw fish”.

When westerners ask for Sushi we know what they mean, but precision is important in Japanese food culture, so it is important to get the fundamentals right. Our Japanese food store can help you with that, supplying a vast range of fresh and frozen Japanese ingredients and culinary products so that you can create dazzling Japanese dishes in your own kitchen! We deliver authentic Japanese culinary products that would be found on the shelves of food stores in Kyoto or Osaka directly to your door so that you can make meals that will make you, your family and your friends feel as though you are dining under the rising sun.

Japanese food culture places a great deal of importance on tradition. Many Japanese chefs will insist that specific styles of tableware should be used to serve their food, never even contemplating the smallest alteration to the traditional design. You will probably not wish to reproduce that intense level of precision, but if you are intending to aim for maximum authenticity you have no need to worry. When you shop with us online our kitchenware section boats a wide range of authentic Japanese kitchen tools and equipment so you can find everything you could possibly need to make sure that your authentic Japanese dishes served on authentic Japanese dishes. You can even come to us for the right serving implements and chopsticks to make your Japanese food experience as close to being in Tokyo as you will get without a fairly long plane ride.

If you want to create really authentic Japanese food experiences at home you will need to remember that Japanese food culture is deeply intertwined with the changing seasons. This is a mindful, philosophical approach to food that should always be borne in mind. When you come to us you can be confident that you will always be able to find the fresh, seasonal ingredients you need to be able to stay true to this exciting and enigmatic food culture.

We work to make sure we can offer you every essential needed to create authentically delicious Japanese dishes without ever needing to leave your kitchen. Every variety of rice you could ever need for your store cupboard, Japanese Ramen noodles, Udon noodles, every other kind of noodle for every kind of Japanese dish – along with staff who understand why using the correct variety of rice and the correct type of noodle in your dish really matters.

 Japanese Ramen noodles

Our passion is making your culinary journey of discover as easy as possible. Our DIY sushi kits are carefully designed to help you begin to learn the intricate art of rolling rice, and we have every other variety of rice and noodle to stock your store cupboard – whatever dish you want to learn how to make we have what you need to make it.


Perhaps you are determined to learn the skills needed to prepare highly complex Takoyaki dishes. We have the sauces and spices that can help you build the subtle umami flavours that are required. Perhaps your ambition is to learn how to slice the perfect sashimi – a daunting prospect perhaps, but with the right equipment and ingredients you really can produce something incredible. Or perhaps you just want to make sure that there is something a little more exciting than ketchup in your cupboard and to elevate your mid-week meals beyond burgers and chicken nuggets. We can help you do all of those things and make sure that you can easily produce more adventurous options.


Once you have succumbed to the irresistible allure of Japanese food culture we know how you feel. Exploring the whole continent of Asia through food has been our passion for as long as we have been in business. We know that once you have enjoyed browsing our virtual online shelves and selected the ingredients that you will need you will not want to wait a moment longer than you have to before getting everything into your kitchen and starting to cook.

We completely understand this impatience. The delights of Japanese cuisine are worth waiting for, but that does not mean you should actually have to wait. That is why we offer express delivery options that can get your order to your door the day after you place it – faster if you live in certain parts of the country.

There is a practical element to our speediness too of course. Obviously when our customers order their Japanese food they want to receive their order quickly because they want to get to the cooking and eating experiences as fast as they can. As we said, we completely understand that. But we are also mindful that Japanese food culture is so well known for its seafood dishes. Clearly when we dispatch orders containing fresh or frozen fish we feel that we have to be very sure indeed that the order will arrive with you, the customer, in a timely manner. Rest assured, our delivery service will never keep you waiting.

So come with us and let us show you the delights of Japanese cuisine. A world of texture and flavour that is like nothing you have ever experienced in the West. A food culture where instant noodle soup made by tipping boiling water into the plastic tub the noodles came in is not incompatible with a procedure for making a pot of tea that takes four hours. Japanese food culture is full of such astonishing contrasts and so making authentic Japanese meals using authentic Japanese ingredients is a way not only of experiencing a new way of eating, it is also a way to begin to understand the wider Japanese culture.

It is said that the best way to understand a new culture is to live within it, but the next best way is to experience its food. To be able to help so many British cooks to have that experience - from preparing authentic ingredients from scratch, through the transformational cooking processes to then eating the food and sharing it with family and friends – that is our real delight.

And all of this is available to you with just a few mouse clicks. What are you waiting for? Join us online and experience the delights that Japanese food culture has to offer!