Breaking into Asian Supermarket - Pros and Cons
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The Pros And Cons Of Breaking Into The Asian Supermarket

Clearly if you mean physically breaking into the Asian Supermarket there are no pros, only the very significant con of a conviction for burglary. But if you mean breaking into the rich and diverse world of the Asian Supermarket, all of a sudden the pros begin to dominate – especially if the Asian supermarket in question is ours. If you mean what are the pros and cons of breaking into the Asian Supermarket industry, well, all we can say is that it most definitely worked for us.

 We do not wish to appear boastful or immodest but we also do not want to beat around the bush. We love Asian cooking and we firmly believe that if you want to properly embrace the immense variety of food cultures to be found on that vast continent you absolutely must find the right high quality authentically Asian ingredients. Our passion for helping the cooks of the UK do just that is what has driven us to become the leading online Asian supermarket in the UK.

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We earned that title because we have made it our mission to make a vast array of great food products sourced from across the Asian continent available to the home cooks of the United Kingdom. On our shelves you will find authentic brands from China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and every other food culture from Asia, and you will also find produce – both fresh and frozen – that you will not find in the mainstream supermarkets.

The rise of online shopping has made Online Asian Groceries incredibly popular as people have been able to look beyond their immediate geographical area to source the Asian culinary products that they need. We are extremely proud of our online offering, but we think that what has given us an advantage over other online retailers selling Asian culinary products is the fact that we are not only online.

We our also very proud of our good old fashioned “brick and mortar” Supermarket Newcastle, the greatest city in the North, has been our physical home for many years. Our store on Newgate Street in the heart of “the Toon” has been catering to locals and students alike for many years and it has been our joy to bring a new world of flavours and culinary styles to the heart of the North East. Our reward has been the ability to interact every day with real people who have real questions about Asian food and how to make it.

Online Asian Groceries

We believe that it is these real life interactions that have informed the way we operate online. We like to think that we treat out online customers with the same personal care that we give to our in person customers. For us online customers are not mere “site visitors”, every single one of them is always a valued customer and never, ever a “click”.

Our driving passion for Asian food was always too big to be contained even a town with a heart the size of Newcastle’s – so once our physical store was fully established we took our offer to the internet with the firm intention of bringing the wonderful flavours, textures and aromas of Asian cookery to everyone, wherever in the UK they happened to be. So now customers can come to our online Asian Supermarket and browse our virtual shelves, select what they need then sit back and wait for us to deliver the culinary culture of Asia right to their door.

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Whether they ae visiting our physical supermarket in Newcastle or shopping for online groceries we think our job is the same: guiding customers through the magnificently endless variety of Asian food cultures. A lot of people think that they know what Chinese food is because they have been visiting the same Chinese restaurant for years, but when we make them aware of the cornucopia of ingredients to create dishes they will never have seen on the menu of their local Chinese take-away – and Chinese cuisine is just the start.

We take our customers on a journey through food and food culture to every part of the continent, because there is so much to discover. Korean food, for example, is not as familiar in the UK as the cuisines of China and we take immense pleasure in guiding our customers through this delicious cuisine and on into the fascinating food cultures of Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and beyond.

For us being able to introduce the home cooks of Britain to the foods of Asia and then supply them with authentic ingredients so that they can produce real Asian dishes at home is what running an Asian Supermarket all is about. We give shoppers access to the real, authentic ingredients and brands that you would find in a supermarket in Shanghai or a corner shop in Kyoto. We deliver them the flavours, textures and aromas that permeate the high streets of Hong Kong and the suburbs of Seoul.

We think this is important because it has always been our belief that the most effective way to learn about other cultures is to experience the food. Not just by eating it in restaurants (although we do recommend this too) but by preparing it at home. Doing this helps you to understand the transformations and the processes. When you slice your first sashimi, roll your first sushi or prepare your first truly authentic noodle broth you are performing the same actions and smelling the same smells that are part of the experience of ordinary people from the other side of the world. This is how food can bring the world together.

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Being able to share the passion that we have for Asian food culture is the greatest “pro” of having broken into the Asian Supermarket business. Our desire to bring the food enthusiasts of Britain the very best of that culture is what we think makes our Asian supermarket the best there is. Our roots are deeply planted in Newcastle, which keeps us grounded, but that does not limit our aspirations.

We want to reach out to every part of the United Kingdom and from our home in the North East we want to take our customers to the Far East. We want to keep introducing them to amazing new food experiences and help them to make connections with distant cultures. By delivering authentic Asian brands and produce right to doorsteps across Britain we hope to show UK cooks a whole new world. And this is one exciting voyage of discovery you can make without leaving the warmth and comfort of your kitchen. So reach for your mouse – a whole new adventure can start with your next click.