Asian Supermarket In Newcastle
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Asian Supermarket In Newcastle

Have you ever sat down in an evening in front of a cooking show and watched the hosts using exotic looking ingredients that you have never seen in your local supermarket and heard the presenter say “you can get this very easily from an Asian supermarket”? That is all very well if you live in a town or city that is home to a thriving Asian community. These places are likely to have one or even more well stocked Asian supermarkets ready to provide everything you could possibly need to explore the richness and variety of home cooked Asian cuisine. If you live in such a place, we encourage you to go and explore – the aroma of unfamiliar spices alone will be worth the trip.

But what if you live far, far away from such a brick and mortar Asian supermarket? Are you then to be deprived of the chance to explore the flavours of the many and varied Asian styles of cooking? Fortunately we are pleased to tell you that there is a way to get your hands on the ingredients you need without even leaving your house. If you cannot go to the Asian Supermarket, use the power of the internet to bring the Asian Supermarket to you. What you need is Asian Supermarket delivery, and that is where HIYOU comes in.

We are the leading Chinese and Korean supermarket online. We can offer all manner of great food from the whole of Asia. We have Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean food brands and ingredients in our user-friendly online store just waiting for you to select, click and have it delivered to your door. Established in 2011, HIYOU is the premium Asian supermarket company, based in Newcastle, which is officially the friendliest city in the United Kingdom, something we like to think carries through to the services we offer. When we first opened our doors to the public in Newcastle we had a vision - to make Asian food more accessible to everyone who wanted to try a new taste experience.

Located on Newcastle’s Newgate Street we are happy to say that our main store is popular with both locals and overseas students alike. We like to think that we have brought a whole new shopping experience and a whole new array of flavours and cooking styles to the heart of “The Toon”. We do not just sell ingredients there, our in-store kitchen produces delicious, innovative and affordable fresh hot meals and we offer a fantastic range of fresh and frozen produce for our customers to browse in-store. We take great delight in introducing these food experiences to a new audience.

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But our vision was always to be something even more than simply being the best Asian supermarket in Newcastle, great achievement though that may be. Now our physical stores are well established we want to go further and make the vast choice of Asian produce that we have brought to the kitchens of Newcastle available to everyone, everywhere. Thanks to our online Asian Supermarket Delivery service you can now browse our shelves virtually, from the comfort of your own armchair and let us bring our unique culinary sensations directly to your door.

So come with us on a journey through the myriad cuisines of Asia. You may think that you know Chinese food, but if you consider us to be your own personal Chinese supermarket online you will find a world of ingredients you may never have known existed. As one of the United Kingdom’s leading Chinese supermarkets online, our passion is to share the great wealth of Chinese food culture with the whole of the United Kingdom. As you might expect from a country as large as China it boasts a hugely vibrant and diverse cuisine. With such a richness of wonderful ingredients and unfamiliar recipes that go so far beyond the Chinese dishes you may be familiar with, we are certain that there will be something to suit everyone’s taste. So if you cannot make it to our store in Newcastle you can still browse our range of inspirational ingredients at our Chinese supermarket online.

This is a cuisine that is all about incorporating many different colours, flavours and textures into harmonious and balanced dishes. Our Chinese supermarket online carries literally hundreds of products, from well-known brands to all the ingredients that you would only expect to find in a traditional Chinese grocery store. We make sure we carry such variety because our aim is to give you the products you need to make your Chinese cookery experience as authentic as possible.

Or perhaps you would rather come with us to Korea? Located in East Asia, Korea is a country whose relatively small size – at least relative to China -  belies the rich and distinct food culture to be found there. Korean food is perhaps not as familiar to British diners as the cuisines of China, but as your one-stop Korean supermarket online HIYOU is proud to be your guide to this fascinating and diverse cuisine. The virtual shelves of our Korean Supermarket online are groaning beneath the weight of hundreds of groceries from snacks and beverages to instant Korean meals. We have a real passion for Korean food and understand how specialist some of the ingredients involved can be. Our aim is to make sure that the home cooks in kitchens across Britain find it as easy as possible to get hold of the items and ingredients you are looking for to ensure that Korean cooking is a fun journey of culinary discovery.

Korean food is a wonderfully bright, exciting and vibrant thing. With our Korean supermarket online we want to put the authentic Korean brands and ingredients that you would look for in a traditional Korean grocery into the hands of those home cooks across the United Kingdom which is why our Korean supermarket online focuses on the spicy, garlic and fermented flavours that rest at the heart of Korean food culture. 

That is why we are so passionate about getting all of these amazing culinary products online. HIYOU is completely dedicated to making our diverse range of culinary products accessible to everyone. China and Korea were just two examples. Our Asian supermarket delivery service can take you to Vietnam , Japan, Thailand, and elsewhere in the culinary continent of Asia. For us, this is the true importance of Asian online Supermarkets in the UK. Perhaps the best way to understand other cultures is to experience their food. Not simply eating it in restaurants, but making it yourself. Finding and preparing the ingredients with your own hands. Smelling the smells, feeling the textures, watching the transformations as dishes take shape before your eyes.

In this way we can perhaps begin to explore the wonders not just of Asian food, but also of wider Asian culture and perhaps we can then begin not only just to discover wonderful undiscovered taste experiences but also come to understand each other. That is why food matters. That is why the places you come to find the food matter. So come with us. Let’s go and discover the world.