What Is The Importance Of Asian Online Supermarkets In The UK?
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What Is The Importance Of Asian Online Supermarkets In The UK?

Online grocery shopping has become more and more popular in recent years. The Covid pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we shop, and many online supermarkets have seen a significant increase in sales during this time. With the UK being one of the most ethnically diverse countries, Asian supermarket delivery sales have also experienced a rise.


At HiYoU, we pride ourselves on sharing Asian food culture with the UK and making it more accessible to everyone. Our supermarket in Newcastle has been popular with the locals with them enjoying the fact that we offer a user friendly and comfortable shopping experience. Don’t live in Newcastle? Not to worry, our Chinese supermarket runs online too, so you can shop from the comfort of your home for all your favourite Asian foods and have them delivered straight to your door.

The Importance Of Asian Online Supermarkets In The UK

Having Asian supermarkets in this country has clearly had a positive impact, so we decided to look into the importance of Asian online supermarkets in the UK.

Brings Diversity And Culture

One of the great things about the UK is the wide variety of ethnicities and cultures found up and down the country these days. Asian culture has firmly put its stamp across the UK over the last half a century, with many British people claiming that Chinese food is their favourite ethnic takeaway to consume.


Asian online supermarkets in the UK


This makes Korean and Chinese online supermarkets more crucial than ever in the UK. British supermarkets are limited in the Asian products they offer, so it’s really helpful that people can get their hands on authentic Chinese products from these Asian online supermarkets.

Helps People Feel At Home

People from Asia travel and migrate to the UK for various reasons. Some people are looking to start a new life here, while others may choose a UK university to carry out their studies. Having Chinese supermarkets online brings some familiarity to people who may feel overwhelmed by new surroundings and will help ease some homesickness too.


For some people, there’s nothing like the taste of the food your Mum used to cook for you. Having these products readily available for people who grew up eating and cooking with Asian food will bring comfort from memories of home and help make the transition to a foreign country easier and less stressful.

Teaches Us New Ways Of Business

When it comes to online shopping, Asia knows what they’re doing. They have the highest rate of internet shopping and the fastest growth in overall sales. This is because Asia has realised that large retail formats are struggling and have adapted over the years by introducing mini-marts across their country. Because Asian cities can be challenging to get around, customers now prefer to shop at the closest facilities available to them, so having smaller stores in more locations makes shopping more convenient.

 Chinese supermarkets online

Bringing these convenience stores to the UK helps showcase different ways of providing retail services. For example, at HiYoU, not only can you shop for oriental food, but you can taste them as well. Our innovative kitchen enables diners to enjoy delicious hot meals and snacks that are affordable for them to experience first-hand. The best part is that our professional head chef is from Hong Kong, so customers know that they’re going to taste beautiful, authentic food.

Oriental Food Straight To Your Door 

Shopping from a Korean online supermarket means that you can enjoy Asian food without having to travel. Whether you have travelled to Asia, have lived there, or you’re just a fan of the food, you can easily bring the oriental culinary experience to the comfort of your own home. At HiYoU, we are passionate about providing good quality and authentic Asian produce to the UK with easy and hassle-free delivery.


Because our Chinese supermarket is also available online, it means that you can order 24/7 and choose a time slot that works around you. To make your shopping experience as simple as possible, we have also added plenty of information and descriptions to our products so you won’t feel confused or overwhelmed by the wide selection of foods.

How Can I Get An Asian Supermarket Delivery?

Are you looking for an online Chinese supermarket? Want high-quality Asian produce delivered straight to you? We are more than happy to help!

Who Are We?

We are HiYoU, Newcastle’s leading Asian online oriental supermarket. Since opening our Newcastle store almost 10 years ago, we have strived to be a comfortable and user-friendly supermarket that makes Asian products more accessible to the British public.


We know how much the UK loves Asian food, so we wanted people to be able to access our Asian supermarket from home at any time of the day with a choice of delivery slots that suit their lifestyle.

Our Aim

We want you to enjoy oriental cooking and make it as stress-free as possible by providing a variety of authentic produce. We care about our customers and aim to:

Provide excellent customer service from a team that is helpful and friendly.

Use our knowledge and expertise of our products and services to help you have the best shopping experience.

Deliver your products on time with a hassle-free and easy delivery service.

Ensure your products are as fresh as possible and well packaged.

Make sure our online supermarket is simple for you to navigate.

Offer authentic and good quality Asian produce that is affordable.


We always put our customers first and will ensure that you get the best quality products delivered straight to your door when you choose.

Benefits Of Using Our Online Asian Supermarket

As well as offering a fantastic shopping experience in our Newcastle store, we also provide a top-notch delivery service through our online supermarket. There are many benefits that come with ordering from our online store:

  • It’s easier to view our prices and special offers when looking online.
  • You can do your shopping without having to worry about parking or turning up to a busy, crowded shop.
  • To help you not waste products, we always choose the freshest products for your delivery.
  • You can select a time slot for your shopping that suits you so you won’t miss your delivery.
  • You can have your shopping delivered wherever you’d like.
  • Having an online supermarket means that it’s available to browse through 24/7, and you can order your shopping at any time.
  • You can read through informative product descriptions to ensure that you’re choosing the right products that you need.
  • It saves you time by not having to travel and getting all your shopping done in one go.
  • You’re less likely to impulse buy if you’re not walking around a store.
  • Quickly reorder items that you’ve previously bought.



If you want delicious oriental foods or Asian homeware delivered straight to you, have a browse through our website. You will be able to easily view various helpful sections to find what you’re looking for.


If you have any questions or queries, you can get in touch with us through the form on our website, or you can call or email us. We will be happy to help you!