What Makes a Korean Food Shop Special?
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What Makes a Korean Food Shop Special?

If you’ve observed closely, you must have noticed that Koreans look thin and they possess clear skin. One of the contributing factors is the food they eat. Consequently, more people are beginning to embrace Korean dishes.

Fortunately, you can purchase Korean Food Online or from the physical stores available. What makes these Korean food shops special? 

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You Have a Wide Range of Dishes to Choose From

When it comes to variety, nothing beats Korean cuisine. Regardless of what your taste buds prefer, you’ll always find something that works for you. What are the specific dishes you can select or even prepare at home? Here are examples of the most common Korean dishes:

  • Bibimbap

At a glance, you may think this is the simplest Korean dish – just a combination of meats, vegetables, and rice. However, tasting this food gives you a completely different idea. The flavour is magnificent, and it leaves you yearning for more. If you want to be experimental with your bibimbap dish, you can add eggs and make it fancy with garnishes.

  • Kimchi

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It’s the most widely known Korean food as it's available in almost all Korean grocery stores and any place with Korean cuisine. The dish consists of fermented vegetables with garlic. So, it hits you with that intense garlicky aroma and a tantalising taste. While the most preferred vegetable in kimchi is cabbage, you can also try other vegetables when preparing this dish.

  • Samgyeopsal

Do you love the rich fatty feel of grilled pork belly? If you do, you should try samgyeopsal. You can enjoy this together with other dishes including rice and noodles. Koreans love taking the samgyeopsal dish during winter.

  • Naengmyeon

One summer dish you shouldn’t fail to try is naengmyeon. It’s a combination of cold noodles and cold broth. Whether you want to make your dish spicy or sweet, you can do so and obtain excellent results. You’re always sure of enjoying this dish.

  • Japchae

Another noodle-based Korean dish that’s common site in restaurants and homes is japchae. For a complete dish, the noodles are combined with vegetables and beef. Sesame seeds are used for garnishing. It’s a dish that you’ll love whether you’re taking Korean food for the first time or you’re used to it.

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  • Samgyetang

Koreans believe you should replenish your energy during summer. They believe a dish that can help with this is samgyetang, a dish that consists of chicken ginseng soup. Other components of the dish include garlic and glutinous rice. Though the dish has a touch of bitterness, you’ll enjoy its fragrant taste.

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  • Galbi

The meal can either be grilled beef or chicken. Korean rate this dish because it’s delicious. If you want an excellently prepared dish of this nature, only the best chefs can make it. The chicken galbi is usually cheaper than the beef galbi.

  • Tteokbokki

If you’re preparing a Korean dish for the first time, tteokbokki is the best place to start. You just need Korean rice cakes, soup stock, and chilli. The ingredients make it have a combination of sweet and spicy tastes. You can decide to make it mild or super spicy – the choice is yours!

Korean Food Store Means Fresh Ingredients/Spices

Korean cuisines are characterised by attractive colours, inviting flavours, and unmatched vibrancy. If you want to prepare sumptuous Korean food, you must have fresh ingredients and spices. Fortunately, they’re available at your favourite Korean Food Shop. What are the essential ingredients that make Korean cuisine as good as they are?

  • Gochujang

One of the most popular Korean food ingredients is gochujang. It has a hot taste with a combination of sweetness as a result of the fermented glutinous rice and salt. You’ll rarely find Korean cuisine that doesn’t have gochujang. Whether you want to create a tantalising Korean fried chicken or an inviting bibimbap, you can do so using gochujang.

  • Soy sauce

Just like in other Asian countries, Koreans also have soy sauce which is called ganjang. You can pick the lighter soup soy sauce if you want to transform the taste of your dish without changing the colour of the food. Soy sauce is used for both seasoning and dressing different Korean dishes including fish and vegetables.

  • Toasted sesame oil

It transforms even an ordinary dish into a delicious piece. Toasted sesame oil is used in different Korean dishes including bibimbap and even fried eggs. As you buy your Korean Food Online, this is one of the spices you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Short-grain white rice

If you’re serving Korean food, it’s considered incomplete if you don’t include rice. It goes with various dishes including stews. Therefore, you should ensure you have rice on the list of your grocery store items.

The Korean Food on Sale Is Healthy

The most pertinent concern for most people today is the health benefits and side effects of the foods they consume. Most people are avoiding foods that are known to increase their susceptibility to lifestyle diseases like obesity. Fortunately, Korean food has a reputation for offering numerous health benefits.

First, the cuisines are almost always accompanied by vegetables.  For instance, most main dishes have vegetables such as cabbage and spinach. These vegetables have micronutrients that are good for the body’s overall well-being. Besides, the accompanying ingredients such as garlic and ginger are also good for the body.

Secondly, Korean cuisines use meat sparingly. Even in the cases where the dishes are meat-based, you’ll notice that they mainly use healthier versions of meat such as chicken and fish which have lower levels of saturated fats. That reduces the chances of suffering from diseases such as hypertension.

Lastly, Korean cuisine cooking techniques ensure you have dishes that you can savour without the fear of health risks. For instance, most of the ingredients are fermented. They grill the meats instead of deep frying them. Consequently, you can have meals that you can enjoy.

Balance Is at the Core of Korean Food on Sale

When you take a Korean dish, it isn’t just about satisfaction. The dishes are prepared and presented with your nutrition needs in mind. For instance, a meal must have the right balance between proteins and carbohydrates. Besides, the dishes are also rich in fibre. Apart from the satisfaction, they can also assist you in your weight loss journey.

The dishes also have a balance in terms of colour, aroma, and even temperature. So, you can satisfy your taste buds, enjoy visual appeal, and stay healthy. In simple terms, you have a wholesome experience when you take an expertly-prepared dish from Korean food stores.

Perfect Arrangement and a Welcoming Environment

As you approach a Korean shop, you can feel comfortable. Air conditioners are at strategic locations and they blow cool air. Products are also meticulously arranged on shelves with wide isles to walk on while shopping.

Are you looking for discounted items? You can find them on special shelves where goods that are about to go bad are placed. If you want to save on grocery shopping, you can pick these items. However, ensure they’re items you’re going to use within the next few days.

Shop at Korean Stores and Get Value

Korean food stores have a wide range of cuisines and fresh ingredients. You’ll also enjoy the welcoming environment. If you want to place your orders from the comfort of your home, you can opt for online stores. Choose a reputable store and enjoy your grocery shopping.