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Where To Get Asian Groceries In UK (Supermarkets & Stores You Must Know)

Making great tasting Asian cuisine at home is a great thing. There is incredible satisfaction to be had from just being able to come home on a wet midwinter Wednesday night and creating a family meal that is fast, tasty, visually appealing and good for you. In a world where so many people find themselves turning to burgers and beans on toast when they need to turn out a fast midweek meal being the person who serves up a perfect stir fry is a great feeling.

But if you want to be able to “just cobble together a noodle soup tonight” you need to have the right ingredients to hand when you want them. If you come home after a hard day you do not want to find that you have run out of ramen, and you absolutely do not want to have to go back out into the rainy night to pick things up from the store.

That means you need to make sure you have a well-stocked store cupboard and for that you need a good Asian supermarket. And we know that can be a problem. If you live in a large urban centre there might be one reasonably near to you, but the likelihood is that most people will have to travel a long way out of their way to find a brick and mortar Asian food store. As is so often the case these days, the answer to the problem can be found online.

Here in the UK online Asian supermarket shopping has grown in popularity in recent years, and it makes perfect sense that it should have done so. Going online allows Asian supermarkets to reach a much larger customer base, which allows them to stock a much wider variety of goods. The rise of online shopping has coincided with advances in delivery services which means that it is now possible to send fresh and even frozen products from one end of the country to the other and have them arrive in good condition so there really are no limits to what UK online Asian supermarket can supply.

From the point of view of the customer it also makes a massive about of sense to go online to shop at an Asian supermarket UK. Online shoppers can browse the virtual shelves from the comfort of their kitchen table. Instead of walking past the item they are looking for three times, as we all so often do when we visit supermarkets in person, you can even use the search function and be taken directly to the item you are looking for if you need something specific.Asian supermarket UK.


So much easier than scouring the aisles of a “real” supermarket, with the added advantage that if you remember something you missed when you have checked out, you just have to click back onto the website. Nothing could be simpler. So it will not surprise you that we have no recommendations to make for brick and mortar Asian supermarkets unless you happen to live near one – like our own physical presence in Newcastle. If you happen to be passing we would love to see you but if you live a long way away, we will deliver whatever you need right to your door.

Clearly we think that the easiest way for most people to Asian groceries in the UK is to go online, but the internet is a very big place so where exactly shoppers should be looking online? Well, there really is only one place you need to direct your browser. If you come to Hiyou.co you will find everything you need. Fresh vegetables, rice, noodles, meat, fish, beverages, snacks and even kitchenware. Everything is just a click away – it simply could not be more convenient.

For a start, when you shop with our UK online Asian supermarket can shop at a time that is convenient for you. Our physical store has opening hours, but online we never close, so if you never get time to do the shopping during the day, you can take care of it while relaxing on your sofa in the evening. The same goes for delivery. We understand, you have a busy life so you can order your Asian groceries to be delivered at a time that works for you to both maximise convenience and ensure that you never miss a delivery.

UK online Asian supermarket

Just because we operate online does not mean that you do not get a personal service. Our packers select the freshest produce to ship out so you not only get the best vegetables possible you will also have less waste. This really matters because here in the UK we currently send as much as nine and a half million tonnes of food to landfill every single year which is bad for the planet and bad for your wallet.

When you log into your Hiyou account we can also highlight all the offers and deals, so you never miss an offer that might have saved you money. It really matters to us that you get the best deal you can. The size of our online marketplace allows us to keep prices low in any case, but if there is a way that we can make them even lower we will make sure you know about it. Times are tough and even the smallest savings soon add up.

Equally though, we understand that everything is not about price. Inexpensive, high quality produce is at the heart of everything we do, but we have much, much more to offer. We believe that the best way to understand a culture is not just to eat its food, but to cook it yourself and share it with friends and family. That was one of the drivers that took us online in the first place, we want to share the food cultures of Asia with everyone – no matter where they live.

About the only advantage that a brick and mortar store has over our online Asian supermarket is the fact that, so far at least, the internet has no mechanism to allow you to experience smell. Our biggest regret is that when you click onto our website we have no way to hit you with the astonishing aromas that visitors to our Newcastle store get to experience. All is not lost, however. All you have to do to recreate the phenomenon is to buy a whole load of ingredients and then cook up a storm – your kitchen will very quickly become infused with the fragrances of Asia, and you will have the added bonus of a delicious meal to enjoy!

So if you are looking for Asian groceries in the UK, the only name you need to remember is HiYou. We like to think of ourselves as the one stop shop for all things connected to Asian cookery. So for quality, variety, value and convenience just point your web browser at hiyou.co and discover a whole new world of culinary adventure!