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Cheil Jedang Korean Bbq Sauce Bulgogi Marinade 500G ~ Jedang Sauces

Cheil jedang Korean Bbq Sauce Bulgogi Marinade 500g Cheil Jedang 烤肉酱 500g

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One of the most popular of Korean barbecue dishes, "bulgogi," has a much longer history, however. It arose during the Goguryeo Dynasty (37BC to 668AD). Bulgogi (called "makjeok" at the time) was prepared similarly to how it is now


Soy Sauce. Fructose. Soy Sauce Base. Salt. Water. Pear Puree. Garlic. Apple Puree. Cooking Wine. Hydrate Wheat Protein. Seasoning Extract. Black Pepper. Spring Onion Extract. Garlic Extract. Citric Ac


100g per serving: 166.9kcal. Protein 2.4g. Carbohydrate 40.5g. Fibre 2.5g. Sodium 2.4g.


Cheil Jedang


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