Miaow Miaow Cuttlefish Flavoured Crackers 60g ~ 妙妙鱿鱼鲜 60g
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Miaow Cuttlefish Flavoured Crackers 60G ~ Snacks

Miaow Miaow Cuttlefish Flavoured Crackers 60g 妙妙鱿鱼鲜 60g

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s: (Wheat ) flour 21.16%, palm oil 16%, sugar 12.48%, taploca starch 9.31%, corn starch, hydroxy propyl starch, cuttlefish seasoningpowder (salt, sugar, cuttlefish(Molluscs) powder, cuttlefish(Molluscs), coarse, cuttlefish(Molluscs), extract powder, sodium 5- inosinate, salt, cuttlefish (Mooluscs) powder, monosodium chilli powder, pepper powder, curry powder (coriander, chilli, cumin fennel, turmeric, dhal, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, star aniseed clove, tartrazine yellow (E102), allure red (E129))nn


: 30g PER SERVING: Energy 141kcal, Fat 5.5g of which saturates 2.6g, carbohydrate 20.9g of which sugars 5.1g, Protein 1.9g


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