Rajah Whole Black Pepper 100g ~ Rajah 整黑胡椒 100g
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Rajah Whole Black Pepper 100G ~ Dry Seasoning

Rajah Whole Black Pepper 100g Rajah 整黑胡椒 100g

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100% Pure. No Colours Or Additives. Pepper has for centuries been recognised as the most prized and indispensable of all western cooking spices. Known as the king of spices it enjoys universal use as a seasoning and condiment. Native to Southern India and South East Asia, Pepper vines are now cultivated in many tropical areas of the world. Rajah Whole Black Pepper comes from the green unripe berries of the Piper Nigrum Vine which have been left in the sun to dry untill thet are black and crinkly. Use for seasoning and flavouring soups, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and salads. Store in a cool dry place. We recommend that this product be put into an alright container as soon as the sachet is opened. Allergen Information: Packed in a factory which handles celery, wheat, mustard and sulphur dioxide.


Whole Black Pepper.





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