Shizuren Instant Cup Noodle Spicy Vermicelli 150g ~ 食族人 麻辣爆肚粉 150g
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Shizuren Instant Cup Noodle Spicy Vermicelli 150G ~

Shizuren Instant Cup Noodle Spicy Vermicelli 150g 食族人 麻辣爆肚粉 150g

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s: vermicelli: potato starch, water. Seasoning powder: salt, sugar, chili, spices(aniseed, cassia, fennel, myrcia)E635. Seasoning sauce: vegetable oil, sweet bean paste, soybean paste, sesame paste, soy sauce, chili, spices(aniseed, cassia, fennel, myrcia) Vegetable bag: dehydrated cabbage, Sesame paste bag: sesame paste, vegetable oil. chili oil bag: vegetable bag, chili, sichuan pepper. Artificial beef bag: soy product, vegetable oil, salted black bean, sugar, soy sauce E451, Spice(aniseed, cassia, fennel, myrcia)nn


: Per 100g: Energy: 1765kj/370kcal, Fat 21.1g, Of which Saturates: 7.42g, Carbohydrate 48.8g, Sugar 7.8g, Protein 9.1g, Salt 2.7g


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